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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Platforms

During the beta we're supporting Google Analytics and Google Ads platforms. In future
we plan to support additional PPC platforms (prioritized by customer feedback)

Google Ads

Google Analytics

We’re changing the way you think about PDF

A PDF file format is a great choice for distributing reports. However, the flatness of PDF report can be a disadvantage. Because it lacks interactivity, the report can be dull and leave the reader with more questions than answers. To solve this, a PDF report is often created with too many pages that most users do not have the time or inclination to read.

An iPDF® (interactive PDF) report is much more than a regular PDF report, it is a way to deliver a lot of information in a familiar form and format that allows the reader to choose how much detail they care to see. A reader can use the report as an executive summary, or interact with the various elements on the report, for example, by clicking on a bar in a bar chart to drilldown and better understand what data is behind the high-level representation she or he is looking at.

Interactivity makes a PDF report more interesting, engaging, enjoyable, and visually appealing. While interactivity can be created manually, it can be time consuming, tedious, and even cost prohibitive. Our patented technology automatically creates an iPDF® report in minutes. The result is a visually pleasing report that provides dashboard-like navigation within a PDF report. The interactive content captures the attention of the user who can benefit from interactivity to gain a deeper understanding of the information they see.


Save time and effort, automated analytics and reporting for novices and experts,
agencies and digital marketers, and most importantly the business owners.
No configuration required, ready-to-use interactive prebuilt reports

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Carefree Scheduling

Analytics Simplified

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How to create an iPDF® report

1. Select Report

Choose a report from
library of prebuilt reports

2. Connect

Connect to your account

3. Configure

Select your date range, then
run or schedule the report

4. Share

Share report with customers
through email or Google Drive

iPDF® report will be delivered to your email inbox.
You can also configure to send the report to your Google Drive.